Alameda Triathlon Coach Training

Alameda Triathlon does not train coaches in the technicalities of triathlon coaches. Alameda Triathlon recruits already certified triathlon coaches and our coach training only involves making sure the coaches are up to standard as well as ensuring the coaches fully understand our athlete evaluation criteria. Our ultimate goal is that coaches who go through our training are assessed for their professionalism and knowledge, as well as deliver their training within the ethos of Alameda Triathlon of encouraging more people to do triathlon within a safe and fun atmosphere.

The Alameda Triathlon Coach training course has the following general elements:

Alameda Tri Team:

  • Alameda Tri Team

  • Goals of Alameda Triathlon

  • Organisational chart of Alameda Tri Team / Pro Tri Ltd

  • Lines of communication

  • Team sponsors/partners


Training System:

  • Training system concept

  • Recreational levels

    • Explanation of each level

    • Successful completion of knowledge test for each level

  • Practical Skills

    • Safety and security of a session

    • Run a full session

    • Technical skills

    • Evaluation

  • Competitive levels

    • Different types of races

    • Different types of participation

    • Training camps and evaluation


Alameda Triathlon Academy:

  • Different types

  • Benefits to facility

  • Benefits to coach

  • Benefits to athlete


Joining Alameda Tri Team:

  • Criteria for athletes joining the Team

  • What joining the Team means to the athlete, their coach, their academy facility, and the Team


Coach Levels:

  • Different levels

  • Renewal process

    • Updating documents

    • Knowledge update

  • Coach development



  • What the athlete receives

  • Using the website

  • Using the Club system

Quality Assurance Process

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